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Pandemic Conditions of Play

Addition of TRIPLES -  GREEN ZONE - Modification of Articles of the Special Pandemic Conditions of Play - July 2021
After confirmation from the City of Pointe-Claire, the Club will open on May 24th, 2021
When at the Club, all members must now wear a mask outside of the Green.

  • A MAXIMUM OF TWENTY FOUR (24) PLAYERS will be permitted on the Green at any one time, playing on a maximum of FOUR (4) RINKS, leaving one empty Rink between those where play takes place. The default format remains PAIRS; however any or all of the four rinks may be used for TRIPLES. The maximum game duration will be 1½ hours. All members must leave the club upon completion of their game. There will be one (1) day of non-activity between each day of play. All members MUST arrive wearing a mask and wash their hands upon arrival and upon departure of the club. For TRIPLES, only two (2) players per team may be on the Green near the Mat, maintaining a distance of 2+ meters. The other two players per team MUST wait their turn to bowl outside the Green while also maintaining a distance of 2+ meters. All large screens must be placed at least 3 meters from the ditch, creating a safe corridor.

    MORNINGS of Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday will be used for the game starting at 9:30AM, however ALL GAMES MUST BE RESERVED. Send your email to or call or text Gilles De Serres, Officer at (514) 951-1836 indicating whether you are booking for one (1) or two (2) players and giving their names and three (3) day choices - if the day you prefer is already fully booked, your reservation will be transferred to the next choice and so on. In case of rain, all will registered members will be contacted the morning of the game.

  • REGISTERED PLAYERS must report to the Club BEFORE 9:30AM for a reminder of instructions. The Officer, a member of the Committee will be present on the Green to announce the teams. Teams and Rinks will be predetermined or via a draw. The direction of play will alternate every Monday. The same person will install the large screen, mats, & Jacks for all four (4) rinks.

  • PLAYERS must use THEIR OWN BOWLS and shoes. Random Club bowls will not be available. However, a Club set may be assigned exclusively to you for the season.

  • It is PROHIBITED to use the TWO (2) METER tubes. All extra clothing, bowl cases, accessories, cushions and water bottles must all be left outside of the Green and NOT on the benches. Every Rake that is used during a game MUST be hung up on the shed upon completion of the game. The sun parasols may be used, however these umbrellas MUST be handled at all times by the same person.

  • PHYSICAL DISTANCING must be maintained everywhere. Players must remain at two (2+) meters of each other. Normal courtesies are suspended; players may ONLY TOUCH their own bowls. Mats, large screens, scoreboards and jacks MUST be handled as much as possible by the same designated player on each team.

  • When at the Club, WEARING a MASK outside of the green is MANDATORY. The mask is optional when on the Green, however wearing a mask on the Green is highly recommended.

  • PLAYERS on the MAT must exit on the left side of the mat, move towards the ditch (safe corridor) and then move towards all bowls that are on the right side of the mat. Players must then step onto the mat from the right side in order to deliver their bowls. GRIPPO is NOT allowed at the Club. Use GRIPPO at home on your Bowls.

    TWO HAND WASHING STATIONS will be available outside. PLEASE USE THEM (At the garden hose with soap)

  • DURING THE GAME, when the players pass each other in the center of the rink, they must maintain the 2+ meter distance at all times. The players may speak to each other when passing.

  • ONCE THE END HAS COMPLETED, if measuring is required, it MUST be done by the same player. The bowls must then be  pushed aside by foot or by rake. “Touchers" may now be chalked.

  • WASHROOMS will be disinfected including all associated touch points every morning before play by the Officer.


  • The restrooms are to be accessed ONLY by the West entrance, and the area must be cleaned by each individual player after using the facilities. Disinfectant wipes will be available. PLAYERS must not leave the rest room before first washing their hands.

  • Only one (1) player may enter the Clubhouse at a time in order to use the washroom.

  • Players must LEAVE THEIR BOWLS and equipment in the Basement in a pre-designated area and not return home with them. (Preferably designated lockers) or on the locker room floor. If taking your bowls with you, you MUST first wash your bowls before leaving the club.

  • Arrangements will be made to open the Clubhouse by the West Entrance, Basement on days of play between 9:30AM and 9:45AM so that players can retrieve their bowls and equipment.

  • THE BAR will be closed. No MEALS or socials gathering will be held at the Clubhouse until further notice from the Board.

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